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14 March, 2021

Real Time Devs Hub Application

A real time web application that allows developers to join rooms and discuss specific topics as well as create their own rooms. It is a server-side Node.js app which utilizes Express.js as a backend framework, Socket.io for WebSocket communication, MongoDB as a database and GitHub OAuth for authentication.

Node.jsExpress.jsSocket.ioMongoDBHandlebarsBulmaCSSGitHub OAuth

22 November, 2020

GitHub Jobs Application

A web application that displays jobs using GitHub Jobs API and provides filtering and details features. I made it to practice building dynamic apps using Gatsby and TailwindCSS. It makes use of Context API and React Hooks for global state.

GatsbyTailwindCSSstyled-componentsfetch APIContext APIReact Hooks

10 July, 2020

Shortly Landing Page

A simple landing page for a fictional company called Shortly. It provides shortening URLs feature using an external service. I made it to practice building complete landing pages using vanilla CSS (with BEM convention).

ReactSassBEMfetch API

23 June, 2020

Huddle Landing Page

A simple landing page for a fictional company called Huddle. I built it using HTML and CSS (with Sass) to practice making basic full layouts using vanilla CSS skills such as positioning, pseudo classes, flex, grid and so on.


5 February, 2020

Quizzes Web App

A web application that provides basic features of an online quizzes system using React and MaterialUI. I made it to practice making functional components utilizing React Hooks and JavaScript ES6 features.

ReactMaterialUIReact Hooks

10 August, 2019

MERN Shopping Application

This was the first project I make using the MERN stack (React, Node, Express and MongoDB) to practice making full stack applications. It is a simple shopping application that has basic features such as browsing items and adding items to cart. I learned a lot from this application on things such as authentication, making API requests/endpoints, designing layouts with Bootstrap 4, managing state and more.

ReactBootstrap 4NodeExpressMongoDB
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